'Lupin' Season 2: Netflix's Mystery Thriller Show Returns, Becomes No. 3 Show on Platform

One of Netflix's popular original series returned to the platform to some major success. Lupin, the streamer's French heist drama, debuted its second season on the streaming platform on Friday, June 11. While the fresh batch of episodes has only been available to subscribers for a handful of days, the show has already shot to one of the top spots on Netflix's Top 10 list.

After viewers tuned in to the new episodes after they dropped, the show immediately shot up to the No. 3 show on the platform and took its place as the No. 5 title overall. As of this posting, those stats have already changed in Lupin's favor, with the show now ranked as No. 4 on the streamer's Top 10 list. It falls just behind the acclaimed new series Sweet Tooth at No. 4, the new animated film Wish Dragon at No. 2, and Manifest, the NBC series that was just canceled after three seasons, at No. 1. Netflix, at this time, has not released any viewership data for the series, so it is unclear just how many subscribers have turned into the new season.

Originally debuting on Netflix back in January of this year, Lupin is inspired by the adventures of Arsene Lupin and follows gentleman thief Assane Diop as he sets out to avenge his father for an injustice committed by a wealthy family. The official Season 2 synopsis, per Netflix, reads, "pursued by Hubert and his henchmen, Assane scrambles to find Raoul and wins an unlikely new ally as he draws up a grand plan to reveal Hubert's crimes." Created by George Kay and François Uzan, and based on a character created by Maurice Leblanc, the series stars Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Etan Simon, Fargass Assandé, Antoine Gouy, and Hervé Pierre, among several others.

The series' Season 2 success doesn't necessarily come as a surprise. After it debuted on the platform earlier this year, the streamer revealed the massive numbers the show was doing. According to an April 2021 report from The Hollywood Reporter, Lupin Season 1 was viewed by an estimated 76 million member accounts worldwide within the first four weeks of its debut. That number gave the series one of "the biggest raw view counts ever for a Netflix series." The outlet noted that at the time, only Bridgerton, with 82 million views, and The Witcher, with 76 million views, had matched or outperformed Lupin. THR also reported that given the fact that the streamer had 207.64 million subscribers in the first quarter, approximately 36.6% of member accounts worldwide viewed Lupin.


With Season 2 now available for streaming, many fans are already looking ahead to Season 3. The series' main star announced on Twitter in May that the series has officially been picked up for a third outing. A Season 3 premiere date has not yet been hinted.