NBC Cancels Supernatural Sci-Fi Drama After 3 Seasons

Manifest fans will be left with a series finale cliffhanger ending for the sci-fi show after NBC decided not to renew it for a fourth season, TVLine reported Monday. Just days after the Season 3 finale ended with a bang on June 10, the network revealed it won't be moving forward with the story of the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828.

Manifest's third season ratings were significantly down from its second, bringing in less than 3 million total weekly viewers on average and less than a 0.5 demo rating — a 21 and 31 percent decrease, respectively. However, it seemed to be finding success on Netflix after starting its run on the streamer earlier in the month, scoring the top spot on the streaming platform's Top 10 in the U.S. list over this weekend, topping the new series Sweet Tooth.

The two-hour Season 3 finale ended with a bang, and there are spoilers ahead. as Dr. Gupta (Mahira Kakkar) was leaving Eureka, Captain Daly (Frank Deal) suddenly appeared on the plane, just before the plane and the pilot disappeared mysteriously. "We revealed a lot in Season 3. We have now kind of moved away from faith versus science," Manifest creator Jeff Rake told TV Insider after the finale aired its cliffhanger ending. "We're telling a story about divine intervention and about how the passengers are going to navigate this path — not that science can't have a role in trying to counter and thread the needle of a story about divine intervention. Someone once said God is a scientist, and [Parveen Kaur's character Saanvi Bahl] the scientist is still going to try to figure out how to impact this story of divine intervention."


Rake teased that Daly's sudden appearance would play a major role in Season 4 if the show was renewed, explaining that the captain is now where the passengers were during the more than five years they were missing. "Captain Daly has been exactly where Cal was from the end of Episode 312 when he disappears to when he returns right there at the very end of the season finale," Rake, who in the past had mentioned a six-season arc plan, explained. "What that place is I'm gonna let Cal speak to that when we come back in Season 4. I'm going to let Ben chew on that and use that information to try to navigate where to go forward."