'Lucifer' Season 6 Trailer and Premiere Date Released by Netflix

Lucifer season six made quite the splash at the SDCC@Home virtual panel for the Netflix series. The series survived being canceled by Fox to thrive on Netflix, but will soon come to a close with its sixth season, and it'll drop very soon.

Main star Tom Ellis was present for the event, along with moderator Luke Cook and EPs Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, revealing the show will return on September 10, 2021. The announcement came along with a teaser trailer for the new season that also brought back a familiar face.

The officer from the pilot won't be the only returning name to appear in season six of the series. According to SyFy, a favorite guest star from the past will make a return this season, while we'll also meet with a character that has been teased for a while but never witnessed in the flesh. "We found one character we have talked about but have never seen in this season," Henderson shared.

For those who are worried about spoilers, move ahead with caution. But if you watched the latest episodes of Lucifer on Netflix, you already know the new status quo to kick off season six.

Is Lucifer carrying around God's power now? We're asking and apparently the characters on the series will be asking the same question. Will the "Morning Star" rise to the throne of Heaven and achieve a form of what he was cast out for attempting in the beginning? Who knows.

The panel also teases that Lucifer will still keep to his Columbo mystery-solving ways. "I think it's in his DNA now. And he's got quite a few mysteries to solve in Season 6," Ellis says about his character.

Lucifer was originally an adaptation of the DC Comics book of the same name, originally a spin-off of Sandman and connected to the greater supernatural side of the comics universe. In the adaptation for Fox, these connections were dropped and the story remained focused solely on Lucifer and his meeting with Detective Chloe Decker that drives the weekly format of the series.


Decker will return with some answers to her engagement issues, as will Ella played by Aimee Garcia. We'll also see Amenadiel, Lucifer's brother played by D.B. Woodside, join the LAPD. But in the end, Lucifer is the title character and the team says there is still some meat on the bone with the character. "There's still a lot to explore once you become who you think you should be, but then you realize who you need to be," Henderson says.