'Lucifer' Season 6 First-Look Photo Released by Star Tom Ellis

Fans are finally getting a glimpse at the sixth and final season of Lucifer. On Thursday, series star Tom Ellis, who leads as Lucifer Morningstar, shared a first-look photo at Lucifer Season 6. Ellis released the photo less than two months after the Fox-turned Netflix series made a huge splash on the Netflix most-popular charts when it drew in massive ratings following the premiere of Season 5, Part 2 in late May.

In the image shared to Instagram and simply captioned, "Good things are coming," the behind-the-scenes phot showed Ellis in character as Lucifer, looking dapper as ever in a suit as he leaned against a car. Several eagle-eyed viewers noted that the vehicle looked awfully similar to the Delorean from the '80s cult classic Back To The Future, with others even stating the backdrop in the image appeared to be the same as the town square as the one where Marty McFly arrives when he's sent back to the past. However, any possible Back to the Future connections in Season 6 have not been confirmed at this time, though it is possible such teases could come at the show's upcoming Comic-Con@Home panel, Netflix Geeked: Lucifer, on Saturday, July 24.

Based on DC Comics character Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer premiered back in 2014 and ran on Fox for three seasons before it was canceled. Netflix picked the series up in 2018, with all subsequent seasons debuting on the platform. The show was initially set to run for five seasons before the streamer reversed course and announced a sixth and final season.

"There's a bunch of stuff we weren't going to tell that now we can't imagine not telling. We thought, when we got to the end of season five, we told all the story we wanted to tell. And it wasn't until we got to the end of season five that we had the perspective to see the story that we could tell with season six," co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich told Collider of the surprise renewal, adding that Season 6 is "a much more intimate season" that isn't just filled with "empty action."


At this time, few details are confirmed about Season 6. Reports have suggested that unlike past seasons, the final season will run just 10 episodes, though this has not been confirmed by Netflix. The streamer also has not confirmed a premiere date. As fans wait for the final batch of episodes, they can catch up on all previous seasons, including those that originally aired on Fox, on Netflix.