'Heels' on STARZ: Stephen Amell Shows off Insane Core Workout

Heels star Stephen Amell has often turned heads with his workout routine, whether he was [...]

Heels star Stephen Amell has often turned heads with his workout routine, whether he was practicing stunts for Arrow or lifting heavy weights. He did so once again on Friday with a "unique" core workout. He hung from a squat rack while someone punched him in the stomach repeatedly.

Amell posted the video on social media that showed him in his Young Bucks sleeveless t-shirt. He hung from a massive bright green Rogue Fitness monster rack. While he continued to keep his core engaged, a masked individual repeatedly punched him in the stomach while wearing boxing gloves. "Engage The Core," Amell wrote in the caption of his post.

While Amell could have ended the core workout after only a few seconds, he continued to hold on while receiving the punches to his midsection. The man wearing boxing gloves did momentarily stop after someone said that he had been working for 40 seconds, but Amell had him continue. The punches finally stopped after one minute.

"Those punches look pretty soft," former Arrow co-star Caity Lotz wrote in the comments. Several other people chimed in with a variety of comments. Some said the workout reminded them of torture. Others asked Amell to bring back the Salmon Ladder workouts that frequently surfaced during the early seasons of Arrow.

While there is no release date for the first season of Heels, Amell has continued to provide entertainment for his fans on social media. He has posted several photos on social media while introducing new cast members to the world. He also provided the first look at him in full costume.

The image showed Amell as he stood ready to enter the wrestling arena. He had on a leather vest with his name on the back, a championship belt, and a pair of wrestling bottoms that featured a spade on the rear. Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) stood next to him in red glittery wrestling pants. He had long hair and eye shadow as part of his hero persona.

Heels is a show focusing on the men and women trying to build careers in professional wrestling. The show is set in a Georgia community and follows a family-owned wrestling promotion. Amell plays the heel, Jack Spade, while Ludwing plays his brother and the hero character, Ace Spade. The two brothers clash over their late father's legacy while facing off in the ring.