'Fuller House' Season 3 Trailer Released

Get ready for more love and laughs from the she-wolf pack, Fuller House fans!

In the newest trailer for the comedy reboot, the Tanner family and friends fly to Tokyo for Steve's wedding to C.J.

Fans will also catch a glimpse of veterinarian Matt's proposal to DJ. As Matt is down on one knee, DJ's ex-flame Steve peeks through the bushes to catch the romantic event. Judging from his line, "What if DJ really was gonna pick me?" things in Japan will get pretty complicated.

Meanwhile, the show promises to air lots of hugs, original dance numbers, cute babies with dogs and the possibility of a pregnancy — "My oven is preheated and easy-baked. We're getting pregnant," Kimmy tells Stephanie before hugging Danny, whom she refers to as "grandpa."

"It is gonna blow your mind!" the show teases.


Fans — and some cast members — are counting down the days until new episodes are available. In the meantime, they're expressing their excitement on Twitter.

Season three, part two hits Netflix on December 22. The show will make all nine new episodes available to stream at once, as is typical for the streaming service's releases.