'Dead to Me' Star Christina Applegate Shares First Photo of Season 2

Dead to Me star Christina Applegate confirmed work has begun on the hit Netflix show's second season. On Friday, Applegate shared a photo from the first table read, co-star Linda Cardellini sitting right next to her. The dramedy series was renewed for a second season in June, a month after its debut on the streaming service.

"Here we go again," Applegate wrote in the tweet. The photo showed Applegate and Cardellini hand-in-hand with the script in front of them.

Cardellini shared the same photo on her Instagram page, adding, "Season 2 table read!! Here we go! Can't wait for you to see what Jen and Judy are up to."

Fans were really excited to see the photo.

Dead to Me was created by Liz Feldman and stars Applegate as Jen Hardding and Cardellini as Judy Hale. At the start of the series, Jen and Judy become friends at a grief support group. Jen's husband was killed in a hit-and-run accident, while Judy said she suffered several miscarriages. Thanks to some bizarre and unexpected twists though, Jen learns the truly dark connection she has with Judy and her ex-fiance, Steve Wood (James Marsden).

The series earned critical acclaim, and Applegate picked up an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Applegate said she had to be talked out of the "semi-retirement" she found herself in after starring in a handful of short-lived shows.

"It literally took them like dragging me out of my semi-retirement, because I was very happy with my kind of not showering life and doing what I want, and just raising my daughter," Applegate told The Hollywood Reporter. "So, what was it? It was a lot of things. It was really a unique premise and show, and I had known Liz Feldman and really loved her as a human being. I feel like if I'm going to be doing anything, if you're going to take me away from my kids for three months, it better be with an amazing group of people that are of quality and are kind, smart and interesting."

In an interview with KVPR last month, Applegate said she connected to the show through her own experience with loss.

"I've lost people and, you know, had health issues and things like that all kind of around the same time a few years ago," Applegate explained. "So that was a really, really dark time, so I really related to that when I got the script. And it's not something I had to really pull from. It just lives there. It lives in the fibers of your being and in your spirit and in your soul. It stays there."

In July, Netflix said the show was watched by 30 million subscribers during its first month.


Dead to Me is available to stream on Netflix.

Photo credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images