David Boreanaz Explains How 'SEAL Team' Is Now 'Movie-Like Quality' (Exclusive)

Season 6 of SEAL Team is now streaming on Paramount+ and it has a different feel. After being on CBS for the first five and a half seasons, the series led by David Boreanaz made the transition to the streaming service, and it's a good thing for the fans. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Boreanaz talked about being able to push the limits on Seal Team

That's the benefit of being on a platform like a streaming show like Paramount+ is allowing us to heighten that even more," Boreanaz exclusively told PopCulture. "And the quality has just... It's got a richer sense to it. The scenes are palpable, you can really feel them. I mean, it's very movie-like quality. And that's not to say that we weren't producing that in the five seasons that we were over at the network and with the studio. It just outplayed itself and we were just that type of show that is a perfect fit for a platform like Paramount+. And that allows us to go farther with the storylines. And that's what we're all about."

601 – Low-Impact

"Low-Impact" EP#601 -- David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in SEAL TEAM, streaming on Paramount+. Photo: Monty Brinton©2022Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

- Monty Brinton)

Season 6 premiered on Sunday and picks up where Season 5 left off which was Bravo Team being ambushed in Mali. The aftermath led to Clay (Max Thieriot) getting his leg amputated, which is seen at the end of the episode. Despite Clay announcing that he was going to step down from Bravo in Season 5, this is a big blow to the team since he's been with the team since the beginning. 

"It really is about maintaining the storyline and where these guys go and how they could be hurt," Boreanaz said when asked about Clay's injury. "We've always maintained that. I mean, at the end of Season 5, we actually see Bravo 1 (Boreanaz) get shot. And that was a pretty intense moment to see, 'Oh wow, you got the lead of your show getting hit.' Everyone's open to that because of the authenticity that we want to bring to a show like this. So the characters revolve around the stories and the stories dictate that."    

SEAL Team is already off to a strong start, and Boreanaz believes it's only going to get better. "I know in the first episode we saw the brutal intensity of what war can do on a body, physically," he said. "And we'll examine that even more, emotionally, as we continue down the season for these brothers. So it's just very, very exciting. We were just shooting in Jordan for a month, so that makes the production value even tenfold and the assets that we had. And the people over there in Jordan were just remarkable and they welcomed us with open arms. But it really will benefit the show greatly." New episodes of SEAL Team air every Sunday on Paramount+.