'Community' Coming to Netflix on Wednesday

If you're worried about running out of shows to binge-watch during your self-isolation fear not, because Community is finally coming to Netflix next week. The beloved NBC sitcom joins the Netflix catalogue on Wednesday, April 1, and is sure to inspire a whole new round of binge-watching and re-watching. According to a report by Deadline, the show will continue to be available on Hulu as well.

Community is one of the stand-out sitcoms of the last decade, with a wide appeal but also a dedicated cult following. The show centers around a group of misfits at Greendale Community College all looking to define themselves in a world that seems to be stacked against them. It stars Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Ken Jeong and Chevy Chase, among others. Although it originally aired on NBC, the show is a perfect fit for binge-watching in these troubled times.

In its time on the air, Community had one of the strangest journeys through the changing media landscape of any show on record. It went three seasons under creator and showrunner Dan Harmon before he was fired by NBC and replaced with other writers. However, fans nearly revolted at the change, and Harmon was recalled for Season 5. After that, NBC canceled the show.

Not to be counted out, however, Community got one more season in the streaming world, on a short-lived service called Yahoo! Screen. It was the platform's biggest hit but still not enough to keep it afloat.

In interviews and convention appearances, Harmon and the cast of Community often expressed the wish to go for "six seasons and a movie," which became a mantra among fans. Now, nearly five years after the conclusion of Season 6, many fans are still calling for a Community movie to wrap the series up.

Back in November, the cast reunited at the Vulture Festival for a Q-and-A, where they teased Harmon by suggesting that a Community movie could happen whenever he got around to writing it.

"Who is supposed to say, 'Everybody do this?' That's what I've always said. I don't know how it starts," Harmon said.


"I think it starts with you, Dan," Brie responded.

Whether Harmon will find the time to write a feature script for Community remains to be seen, but in the meantime fans in self-isolation can kick back and enjoy all six seasons of the show on Hulu now, or on Netflix starting on Wednesday.