'Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love' Star Paulina Chavez Speaks out on Cancellation

Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love saw its two-season run come to an end at Netflix. First reported by Deadline, members of the cast and production team, including the series star, Paulina Chavez, confirmed the news with a series of posts on social media.

Chavez played the title character in what was one of her most prominent roles to date. Chavez, who also appeared in Scandal Made Me Famous and Day 5, both of which came out in 2016, was emotional in her goodbye post on Instagram. "I wanna thank the show creators, executives and Netflix for allowing me to bring Ashley to life," she began. "I love every single one of the people I got to work with." Applauding the "amazing" cast, Chavez expressed how proud she was to play a role like she did, saying that Ashley Garcia was a "stepping stone" for representation of Latinos and minorities in "positive roles."

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She wrapped up her farewell to the series by thanking the fans, "Every single one y'all mean so so much to me." Chavez, who is 18-years-old, added at the end of her post that "it's only the beginning." The content she shared saw her providing a glimpse behind-the-scenes, showcasing various interactions she had with cast and production that spread over two separate posts.

She wasn't the only way to break the news on Instagram. Bella Podaras, who played Brooke Bishop in the series and the childhood best friend of Garcia, kept her post short and sweet, writing that she has no words after learning of Netflix's decision to cut the show, concluding her brief message, "This was a dream come true."

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Created by Mario Lopez and Seth Kurland, who also shared the news of the show's cancellation on Instagram, the series premiered on Feb. 17 with eight episodes. A second part was dropped on July 20 that included 6 episodes. In the Deadline article, it is stated that Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love, along with another canceled show, The Big Show Show, will both return for one more episode at the end of the year with a Christmas special. These holiday releases were already produced before the news of the series ending.