'Anne With an E' Sparks More Than 1 Million Signatures in Hopes for Netflix Renewal

Fans of Anne With an 'E' are making a lot of noise on social media with their calls for Netflix to renew the show for another season. Anne With an 'E' was canceled after Season 3, but fans think the Netflix original series deserves another shot. A petition begging for the renewal has now reached over one million signatures and is still climbing.

A Change.org petition started by user Blytheshirley101 is at 1,042,374 signatures at the time of this writing, and more are joining in every hour. It is addressed to CBC, Netflix and Disney+, asking for some streaming network or TV studio out there to renew Anne With an 'E.' It argues that "there is so much more we need answers to and want to see" from the series. While it is not clear if Netflix will listen to these fans yet, the momentum is definitely still building online.

"Let's hope this petition catches the eye of Netflix and they decide to renew the show for season 4! Anne would want us to fight!" the petition reads. As people worldwide continue signing, many are also flooding other social media outlets with their feelings about the show's untimely cancellation.

"Do you understand that a million is only that part of the fans who found the petition? In fact, there are many more of us," one fan tweeted this weekend. Another added: "Anne with an 'E' is a wish come true we never knew we were making. Thank you so much for changing our lives. The show will always be in our hearts."

Anne With an 'E' is based on a book by Lucy Montgomery titled Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908. It tells the story of a 13-year-old orphan girl named Anne Shirley, and her unique experience of family and adolescence in the late 19th century.


The show is produced by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) along with Netflix and has been airing on conventional TV in Canada as well as on Netflix. The third season premiered in September of 2019 on CBC and in January of 2020 on Netflix. In November of 2019, Netflix and CBC announced that the show was canceled, according to a report by The Financial Post.

This was not just a typical Netflix cancellation, but a break between the streaming giant and CBC. CBC executives said that they would no longer work with Netflix to produce shows anymore after a few successes shared between them. Additionally, Netflix has a growing reputation for canceling shows early and often leaving fans disappointed. So far, Netflix has yet to renew an original series after canceling it thanks to an online petition.