'A League of Their Own' Creators Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham Talk Plans for Possible Season 2

There may be more in store for the Rockford Peaches. As the new A League of Their Own series launched Friday on Prime Video, co-creators Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham assured Summer TCA attendees they're already working on a potential second season. The first season of the series, set at the launch of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II, dives deeper into some of the stories hinted at the 1992 Penny Marshall film by the same name, including those of LGBTQ+ people and women of color. 

"This is a show that is more than a show to all of us," Graham told TCA attendees, adding that the idea was to make a "joyful" show that also felt real to the viewer, taking the "tone of the movie" and pushing it even "further." Jacobson, who also stars in the series as catcher Carson Shaw, told TCA attendees that they tried to "jam-pack" as many stories as they could into the first season, wanting to "shine a light on a lot of the stories we felt were not told in the film."

While they would "love" to do a second season, Jacobson noted a renewal is out of their hands for now. Graham agreed, "We already know what we want to do with Season 2, so we're hoping to have as many [seasons] as possible." There might not be an official renewal yet, but Graham revealed that he's already begun writing the second season and hopes to start shooting in mid-spring if everything works out as he'd like. "We can't wait to go back and do more," he noted.

Ahead of Friday's premiere, Melanie Field opened up to PopCulture.com about playing Jo in the series, saying the new iteration "broke it open" when it came to the themes and stories of its predecessor. "God, I love Jo so much," Field continued of her character. "I really love her so much and I miss her. Something we actually haven't talked about, which is very much aligned with my values is, being in this body and playing a professional athlete, who's confident and good, Jo afforded me that opportunity, and it's very empowering to stand in her newfound power. She doesn't necessarily start there, but you put her on a field and she knows she's the best. That, to me, was just so, so exciting to inhabit, and particularly to do it in my body, it brought a lot to my personal life." A League of Their Own is streaming now on Prime Video.