'13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Teaser Released

13 Reasons Why is developing the truth in its first teaser for the Netflix original series' second season.

While it has been over a year since popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why premiered its debut season, fans are getting their first look into the show's sophomore run, with Netflix releasing the first teaser trailer for Season 2 on Monday.

The brief 15-second-long silent teaser shows little more than a single photo being developed, revealing and image of Hannah Baker's face, followed by another photo that falls on top of it which has a piece of tape on it reading "the truth is developing." Although it fails to include a premiere date, it does offer some insight into the new season.

The debut season of the Netflix series, one of Netflix's most successful original series of all-time despite the controversy surrounding it, was modeled after the young adult novel of the same name, which centered on high school student Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and her classmate Clay Jensen listening to the 13 cassette tapes she recorded mapping out the events that led to her death by suicide.

As the company previously revealed, Season 2 will be venturing away from source material and will explore the lives of Hannah's classmates and how her actions affected them.

While many fans have been wondering how the second season will be told, given that the series' debut season was mostly told through a series of cassette tapes that Hannah recorded, the short clip released by Netflix suggests that season 2 may be told through photographs.

The teaser also suggests that the show's new narrator could be Tyler Down, who was the subject of Tape 2, Side B of Hannah's tapes and is in Liberty High School's photography department.

Tyler landed himself on Hannah's list of 13 reasons for his stalker-like behavior and obsession with Hannah, at one point in the series being shown taking photographs of an unsuspecting Hannah. After Clay learned of Tyler's obsession, he spread a naked photo of him around the school, leading Tyler to be further ostracized by his peers. When fans last saw Tyler, it was clear that his story was nowhere near over, as he was entering the school with a backpack full of guns.


It was this ending that sparked rumors that the Season 2 premiere had been pushed back in light of a string of recent school shootings, many believing that a school shooting scene in the show was being edited out, though this rumor has not been confirmed.

Though no official premiere date has been announced, 13 Reasons Why is expected to return sometime in 2018.