Netflix Users Remember Their First Binge

This Valentine’s Day, Netflix is getting nostalgic and taking subscribers back to the magic of the early days of their relationship, asking them to remember their first time.

The streaming platform boasts a library filled with thousands of binge-worthy shows, and now they are asking subscribers to take a stroll down binge watch lane by remembering the show that first sparked their relationship.

According to new data, it takes an average of 12 days for new subscribers to start their first binge-watch of a show, with more than 90% of new members having their first binge within a year of subscribing, and most finishing one season in three days. For the purpose of the findings, “binge” is defined as “completing at least one season within 7 days of starting.”

The most popular show for subscribers to binge first is Orange is the New Black, with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead rounding out the top three. The top 10 rankings also include Stranger Things, House of Cards, Sons of Anarchy, Fuller House, American Horror Story, Family Guy and Grey’s Anatomy.

In order to access which show was your first binge, go to your account page on the website, select “Viewing activity,” and then scroll down until you hit the first show you ever watched.

This isn’t the first time that Netflix has released data regarding bingeing habits. In November, the streaming giant released a study that revealed the places that people most commonly binge-watch shows, and some of the findings were questionable.

The study revealed that 67% of people globally, or two out of every three people worldwide, have their eyes glued to the screens of their mobile devices while out in public, with the workplace being one of the most popular spots to watch.

According to the survey, 26% of respondents admitted to bingeing shows and movies while at the desk. Another 44% of respondents claimed to do their bingeing on planes, and one in five people said they binge while on the bus. Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that seven% of bingers worldwide admitted to doing their bingeing in public restrooms.