WWE/WCW Legend Returns to TV

A WWE and WCW legend is back on television. During the March 7 episode of MLW Underground, it was discovered that Raven is the leader of a group of mystery attackers. Raven, was joined by Rickey Shane Page and Akira while explaining why he's at Major League Wrestling. 

"I'm a martyr for all the people that were left behind," Raven said, per Cageside Seats. "I feel their pain. I'm their savior. I'm their hope. They believe in the cause. And they're dangerous, very dangerous. They can trust in me. Trust in Raven. (Trust in Raven on repeat.)"

Raven (Scott Levy) is known for his time in WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA/Impact Wrestling. In WWE, Raven won the Hardcore Championship 27 times. While competing in WCW, Raven won the Light Heavyweight Championship, the United States Heavyweight Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. In ECW, Raven won the World Heavyweight Championship twice and the World Tag Team Championship four times. And in TNA, Raven won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and is a member of the Impact Hall of Fame. 

While speaking with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Raven, 58, talked about making his return to MLW. "I like going back for MLW because they always aspired to be ECW-like," Raven said. "They aspired for it, but they weren't like some of the other aspirants where they were claiming to be the new [ECW]. So I always liked that about them. They didn't overpress their own coverage, you know what I mean? They didn't out-kick the coverage. They knew what they were, and they didn't have to over-brag about it, overhype it.

So I like working for them. I'm really glad I got to go back 'cause I always liked Court. I always felt like I helped him a little bit, and he's always said that," Raven continued. "So that's probably where I got it from. I like working for people that have a knowledge and a joy for my character, which he really does. [Paul E.] really did, but other people didn't. I really love working for Court, and I really like what we're doing, which I don't know how much I'm allowed to say."