WWE's Sami Zayn Confronts Fan Who Allegedly Shouted Homophobic Slur at Live Show

WWE superstar Sammy Zayn had to get on a fan about his language towards him at a WWE live show in Florida. While coming down to the ring, a fan, who was sitting at ringside, was allegedly calling Zayn, a "Canadian f—t." That led to Zayn getting in the fan's face and wrestling fan John Betz caught the entire incident on video which was posted on his Twitter account.

"Get him out of my f—ing face," Zayn said to WWE officials.

"Go back to Canada," the fan replied.

According to Newsweek, the fan was ejected from the arena. Betz described the entire incident on his Twitter account.

"As Sami walks by he yells it again and Sami gives him a 'really?', kinda like not cool and cut the s**t. But he kept saying homophobe stuff," Betz said.

"The guy then started getting in Sami's face knowing Sami wouldn't hit him so he asked for security to handle it. It took a bunch of back and forth but finally the guy was removed.

"There were kids sitting all around and to be acting like a full blown a***hole was not cool, Sami did the right thing by giving the guy 1 quick moment to shut up, he chose not to. It's not hard to not be racist, sexist or homophobic at a wrestling show."

Twitter users had some interesting things to say about the incident. One fan wrote: "Good guy Sami. Do WWE still have photos of fans who are barred entry to shows? That guy needs to be on that wall of shame."

Another fan is upset the fan would say anything like that to Zayn. The Twitter user wrote: "The level of ignorance of this individual saddens me. I literally pray everytime I attend an event I don't encounter this. Not only is he a homophobic imbecile but he said "go back to Canadia" it's Canada."

And this fan couldn't believe the fan was thrown out for what he said. The fan wrote: "I don't condone yelling homophobic comments at someone as much as the next guy, but they didn't have to escort him out of the arena. Like, that's just stupid."


Zayn, whose real name is Rami Sebei, has been with the WWE since 2013 and has become one of the top heels in the company. He was won the NXT title once and he won a Slammy Award for NXT Wrestler of the Year in 2014.