WWE's Keith Lee Reveals He's a Sexual Assault Survivor

Keith Lee just shared a story about how he was sexually assaulted in wake of the "#SpeakingOut" movement with pro wrestlers. The WWE star, who is currently the NXT North American Champion, went to Twitter this week to talk about an incident with him that happened at a bar in 2016 or 2017. Lee said he was hanging out in a bar when a woman approached him.

"I went to an old bar I would sometimes visit and sing at," Lee wrote via Wrestling Inc. "It had been some time, so I was unfamiliar with the atmosphere. But the vibe of the music kept me interested. Eventually, I got to sing a song. Afterward, a young lady asked to sit with me. I was alone so I did not mind and welcomed her." Lee and the woman talked or a while, and the woman then said he was interested in him. Lee told her he was already in a relationship, which disappointed her, but it didn't stop her from pursuing him.

Lee went to write he offered to buy her a drink, but the woman wanted to buy him a drink because she enjoined his signing. After Lee returned to the restroom, there were drinks waiting for him, and they continued to talk. He then wrote that is where things got fuzzy for him. The next thing he remembers is he was naked in a hotel room in a panic. He's not sure if it was his hotel room, but Lee was able to get his essentials, including his wallet and phone before he left.

"To this day.... I know not what happened. I have tried to forget about it ever since.... But I tell this story, so people understand. Anyone can be a victim. ANYONE. It is why I randomly stopped drinking. And why it remains such a rarity to this day."

Lee is one of the rising stars in WWE. Along with being the NXT North American Champion, he nearly beat Roman Reigns at Survivor Series in November and went toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble in January. WWE has been dealing with the effects of the #SpeakingOut" movement. Matt Riddle was accused of sexual assault by an indie wrestler named Candy Cartwright, and the company fired Jack Gallagher for his sexual assault allegations.