WWE 'Extreme Rules': Rey Mysterio Loses Eye During 'Eye for an Eye' Match With Seth Rollins

WWE's 'Eye for an Eye Match' at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Sunday lived up to its name as [...]

WWE's "Eye for an Eye Match" at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Sunday lived up to its name as Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins tried to claw each other's eyes out. Mysterio, who already had an injured right eye, ended up losing an eye during the match. Rollins drover Mysterio's head into the corner of a staircase and was horrified to see that the match took an incredibly gruesome turn.

After the scene shocked viewers at home, WWE quickly released an update on the situation. Mysterio was rushed to a local hospital and treated for a potential globe lucation. Doctors are confident that Myster's eyesight could be regained, but only if his optic nerve was not severed and "there is not too much strain on the blood vessels and nerves that connect the eye to the rest of the head."

The disturbing moment was actually part of the plan. When the match was announced last week, the WWE said a winner could only be decided "by extracting the opponent's eye." Rollins achieved this by hitting Mysterio's head into the corner of a staircase at the end. When he pulled away, Mysterio took his mask off to reveal that his right eye was out of his face, prompting Rollins to walk away and vomit.

Mysterio, whose name outside the ring is Oscar Gutierrez, first hurt his eye during the May 11 Raw episode. He and Aleister Black faced off against Rollins and Murphy in a tag team match. Rollins pulled Mysterio out of the ring and injured Mysterio's eye in a similar fashion to Sunday night's incident. There was speculation afterward that Mysterio planned to retire, but then Sunday's match was announced.

After the first time Rollins hurt Mysterio's eye, he claimed it was a "sacrifice" to push the veteran wrestler to retire. In June, Mysterio shared a direct message to Rollins, slamming him for putting his family through pain by pushing his face into the stairs.

"They watched blood run down my face, and they saw the man that protects and provides for them suffer," Mysterio said in June. "Now you go around saying I cried like a baby when the cold metal met my flesh. Seth, I truly am a man of forgiveness, I really am. But Seth, I will never forgive you for what you've done to me and what you put my family through. Damn you, Seth Rollins!"