World Series Flasher Julia Rose Blocked on Twitter by Houston Astros Star Pitcher Gerrit Cole

When Julia Rose flashed during Game 5 of the World Series, the initial thought was she was trying to distract Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole from trying to win. It turns out that wasn't the case, but Cole doesn't want to have anything to do with Rose. On Twitter, Rose posted a photo of her watching Game 7 of the World Series and once again, flashing Cole. The thing is, she wanted to tag Cole on Twitter but he blocked her. "I would tag Gerrit Cole...but he blocked me," Rose wrote.

She went on to share a screenshot of Cole blocking Rose and that led to a fair amount of reactions.

One Twitter user pointed out, "Just gonna guess his wife may have... helped him block you."

Another user wrote, Everyone saying it was his wife but he was literary playing in the world series... prob had better things to focus on, no? Maybe he was tired of this.. he also has prob seen boobs before."

While another added, "Probably coz he has the image replaying over and over in his head. A ploy if you out of site you might get out of his mind one day."

Another thing about this is the Astros fell to the Washington Nationals in the World Series and Cole likely wants to put all of it behind him. And with him being a free agent, he's looking forward to the next chapter in his career. As for Rose, the flashing at the World Series was something she planned a year ago.


"Yeah, so we had it planned almost a year ago. I knew I wanted to do something at the World Series. But we just didn’t know, obviously, who was playing, what game, where it would be, the location or anything," Rose said to Complex. "Once we found out who the teams were, we then bought the tickets, I believe, not even a week ago. We had to get tickets for game five. And game five was a gamble, obviously, because if it’s a sweep or something, then we wouldn’t even make it to game five. So we crossed our fingers, and bought tickets last minute."

The bad news for Rose is the stunt led to her being banned from attending MLB games and events for life. But based on the attention she has received the last few days, it may have been worth it.