Why Travis Tritt Is Refusing to Watch the Olympics This Year

Travis Tritt makes it clear that he won't be watching the Olympics this year, putting his foot down on social media. In what seems to be a response to Gwen Berry's protest during her third-place finish in the U.S. Olympic Trials for the hammer throw, turning her back to the flag on the podium.

While the nation has been through this with Colin Kaepernick and many others over the past few years, Berry's act is the latest event to kick the hornets nest of "patriots." This seemingly includes Tritt who wrote that he won't be watching despite a long history of tuning in to the games.

"I've always been a huge supporter of our USA Olympic teams. I was actually onstage at the Olympics in Atlanta the night before the bombing in 1996. I won't be watching this year," Tritt wrote, closing his message with the hashtag, "Go woke go broke."

Others joined in while responding to the country star. "We're in a sad state at the moment. No more patriotism. No more coming together with common goals. What has happened to us?" one person wrote. "I won't punish them all for the acts of a few, so I will give it a chance but if it turns into a political shit show it won't take much for me to turn it off."

Tritt has been outspoken on his point of view for a while now. He has been connected to conservative figures on social media, like James Woods and former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo. The latter also shared similar sentiments to the Olympics. "I would rather see our Olympic team lose every event than send athletes who are ashamed to represent the country."


He's also had tussles with people who oppose him on social media, like former ESPN personality Jemele Hill. "Here is a perfect example of a blatant lie being crafted just because she disagrees politically. She is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. She is telling everyone that she is going to lie about how she felt about meeting me a few years ago. How they lie is so disappointing," Tritt wrote about Hill's claims to have never met him. He also gained some steam by blocking people on the platform in solidarity with James Woods.