Travis Tritt Fuming After Photo Is Edited by Trolls Trying to 'Humiliate' Him

Travis Tritt found himself in the headlines after he tweeted in support of conservative actor James Woods' plan to block Twitter accounts with the word #resist in their bios, an attempt to suppress left-leaning voices. After some users got wind of the plan, they began trolling the country singer with a press photo of Tritt in heavy makeup, comparing him to androgynous singer Boy George.

Twitter users shared the photo with captions like "Travis Tritt looks like wearing wet jeans in bed feels" and "Travis Tritt uses Jared Kushner's Mortician," something Tritt didn't take too kindly to. In response, he posted a side by side photo of his original press photo and the edited version going around Twitter and wrote that the editing was "more proof of the dishonesty of the left."

The jabs at Tritt were soon drowned out by people who saw the comparison of Tritt and Boy George as an insult to the British star. "So people are using Boy George to insult Travis Tritt? More like don't insult Boy George!!" one person wrote. Someone else tweeted, "Boy George is more authentic, intelligent and talented than Travis Tritt could ever dream to be."

"Hey folks, could we not use Boy George to insult Travis Tritt because the latter wore heavy makeup in a publicity photo?" another wrote, pointing out the inappropriateness of the joke. "I'm sure it's unintentional, but that's pretty transphobic, not to mention low-key sexist and homophobic. It's unnecessary."

Boy George himself responded to one fan who commented on the number of supportive messages the singer was receiving in response to the comparisons, writing, "Who is Travis Tritt?"


Tritt's blocking spree went public over the weekend after Woods tweeted on Saturday, "Reminder: block any twenty accounts a day that have the hashtag 'resist' in their profile. It slows them down and offsets Twitter's shadow-banning of conservative accounts." Tritt shared his support for the actor's idea with his own tweet, urging his followers, "Per my friend [James Woods], type #resist in your Twitter search bar. Block at least twenty of these accounts per day. We will soon make them as irrelevant as they have tried to make the rest of us."

The singer added that he had been blocking users "for months" ahead of Woods' suggestion. "If you're like me, I get sick and tired of arguing with sheeple who automatically subscribe to any fake news story from anonymous sources without researching anything on their own," he wrote. "It is an exercise in futility."