Washington's NFL Alumni React to Team Retiring Name and Logo

The Washington NFL team is entering a new era as it has retired its nickname and logo on Monday [...]

The Washington NFL team is entering a new era as it has retired its nickname and logo on Monday after 87 years. Because of the team's long history with the nickname, the question that has to be asked is how do former players feel about the decision? Some players love the team dropping the name while others aren't too happy.

"It's the dawn of a new day," said Rick "Doc" Walker, who played for Washington from 1980-85, via ESPN. "It's in lockstep with what's going on in our country right now. A lot of pages are being turned." Another former player, Darrell Green, is also excited about the new name. In fact, when Green appeared on ESPN on Monday, he said, he's ready to throw away his old jerseys and helmets for new once when the new name is announced.

"Some people are going to have different opinions about it," Green said. But that's okay. We're here now and I applaud Dan Snyder for what he's doing trying to move us all forward. ...How they go forward, I love to be in the conversation, talk about the name, talk about what do we do. I got jerseys and helmets and I'm ready to throw them away. Give me the new helmet. When I ran down the field in Chicago and I chased down (Tony) Dorsett or whatever the case may be, those things were for the team that played in Washington. So it didn't really matter."

While most players like the move, there are some who don't agree with changing the name and logo. Former offensive lineman Jeff Bostic told ESPN: "I'll always call them the Washington Redskins, I'm sorry." He added he was honored to "put the helmet on that had the Redskins emblem on the sides." He also stated the move was a "political and financial decision" and this "isn't what most people want."

As for when the new name will be announced, that is still to be determined as there are some legal and trademark issues that need to be fixed because the team can move on. Washington is one of the most successful teams in NFL history, winning three Super Bowls and two additional NFL titles before the Super Bowl era.