Washington Nationals Pitcher Sean Doolittle Interrupts Live Interview With a Lightsaber

Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle was so happy his team is now moving on to the World Series, he had the celebrate in the best way possible. While he was on the field after the Nationals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in Game Four of the National League Championship Series, Doolittle was waving around a lightsaber. He was then seen waving the lightsaber during a live interview with Dan Plesac and Scott Braun of the MLB Network and when they found out he was right behind them, the two brought him on and Doolittle said, "What are you guys talking about?"

A number of fans commented on the video. One Twitter user said, "I love this man," while another user said, "You can’t hate this man, you just can’t."

This one user seems be jumping on the Nationals bandwagon because of Doolittle. The user wrote, "I'm thrilled for the Nationals! I'm going to have to get familiar with their players for the World Series. Sean Doolittle seems fun." Another user wrote, "Kind of wish he smoked Scott Braun with that lightsaber, dude is so cringe-inducing."

Doolittle was one of the reasons the Nationals were able to sweep the Cardinals in the NLCS. He pitched in three of the team's four games and recorded a 2.25 ERA with three strikeouts, no walks and one game finished. He had the same stats in the National League Divison Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, posted a 2.70 ERA with three strikeouts, no walks and one game finished in three games.

The game Doolittle closed out in the NLDS was the Game Five which gave the Nationals their first playoff series win. After the game, Doolittle said the Nationals have the ability to be the last team standing when it's all said and done.


"This group has so much fun playing together and fighting together. Why not?" Doolittle said via 106.7 The Fan. "Let's keep it going. I know a lot of people kind of counted us out in May and we stuck together as a group. This is a special group and I'm just really proud to be a part of it. Last night has kind of barely [sunk] in to be honest with you, but by the time we get on that plane here in a couple hours, it'll be all business."

"I think we might have a light workout tonight when we get into St. Louis just to knock the cobwebs off and get focused for Game 1," he said. "We've got Anibal going. He pitched really well in Game 3 when he was out there, so feeling good about that. Hopefully, this is just the beginning, but it's been an incredible run so far. We just want to keep it going as long as we can."