USA Softball Star Valerie Arioto Set to Make Impact With 'Life Transformation' Platform (Exclusive)

Valerie Arioto has had a lot of success during her 10-year career on the USA Women's Softball team. And while taking care of herself physically has led to her being part of the squad that will play in the Olympics next year in Tokyo, making time for self-care off the field has been essential in her life, leading to her launch Valerie Arioto Ultimate Life Transformation, an online platform for all things involving personal growth. In an exclusive interview with, Arioto said this platform is something that everyone could benefit from during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I don't think athletes and just people, in general, have these resources to deal with things with COVID-19 adjusting and transitioning in life, setting up your daily schedule to be productive, succeed and have more energy," Arioto said. "It’s kind of this online mecca for all things self-care and growth. It’s something that isn’t being done right now. It's a huge tool, especially in the times right now."

The Valrie Arioto Ultimate Life Transformation is in the early stages of its launch but fans can sign up to get updates. The platform will include exclusive online courses covering wellness, high performance and self-care, educational videos, worksheets and checklists to support healthy habits and virtual cheerleaders to guide members through the process of self-growth. And while the target is young women, Arioto said this is for "any person that’s transitioning in life or adjusting, trying to find a way to do things."

"When I started to take care of myself and view me as my biggest asset, that's when I started to transition in not only competing at a high level but having the time to do things that I love as well," Arioto said. "It's this other way of thinking in order to have more energy to be more productive and be more efficient on the field, I need to take care of myself. That was a big challenge for me that I overcame and still working on day-to-day to move forward in my career."


The first course and journal entry is set to be released in October; in the meantime, fans can get tips and advice through social media platforms. And as Arioto continues to launch her self-care platform, she checks in on herself while counting down the days to the Summer Olympics next year.

"It is such a weird time and my heart goes out to everyone dealing with this," Arioto said when talking about the pandemic. "For me, I ignored what COVID is affecting me. And then when I check in with myself, I'm like 'OK, this is tough.' This is a whole new way of dealing with things. It's been really huge to have a daily routine, stay with my training communicate and connect with my teammates via Zoom and still stay connected. It is a hard time, so reaching out to people has been such a big deal."