UFC's Felice Herrig Attacked by Random Woman in Las Vegas After McGregor vs. Cerrone

UFC veteran Felice Herrig was reportedly attacked in Las Vegas shortly after UFC 246 on Saturday night. Herrig posted a photo on Instagram showing herself with a bloody nose, explaining that things had gotten heated outside of the ring. Of all things, the fight apparently started over a traffic dispute.

"Vegas sucks!" Herrig declared in her post on Sunday morning.

The picture showed Herrig in a light, lacy top but she was clearly still on guard. A trickle of blood ran down her nose in the dark picture, and she wore a bemused smirk.

"Some chick got mad at me for giving her s— over stopping traffic over a penny," Herrig explained. "She then proceeded to punch me in the face. I punched her back but didn't want to be too violent because I was protecting my knee and hair. She ran off like a little b—. The END. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Herrig attended Saturday night's event as a spectator, not a competitor. She was there to watch Conor McGregor return to the ring and face off with Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. It did not last long, as Cerrone was down in about 40 seconds, and McGregor was redeemed in many eyes as one of the greatest MMA fighters ever to get in the ring.

Herrig is looking for a similar return to the action sometime this year. The 35-year-old was scheduled to face off against Xiaonan Yan in June, but she recently withdrew from the fight after tearing her ACL in training. She will need to focus on recovery before her next fight.

Herrig fights in the UFC's strawweight division, and was officially ranked #12 this past July. Hailing from Illinois, she found her way into combat sports through professional kickboxing. She won the International Kickboxing Federation Pro Muay Thai United States Bantamweight Title in 2008, and has since focused on mixed martial arts.

Even when she is outside the ring, Herrig can be a harsh critic of other athletes. On Saturday night, she live-tweeted the fight between McGregor and Cerrone, calling it a "snooze-fest" overall.

"I feel like that was some boxing bulls— set up to lose," she wrote, "don't believe it!"

"UFC is turning into boxing," she added later on.


Fans took to this debate eagerly, arguing about whether this fight or other UFC bouts had been staged in some way. When Herrig revealed that she had been in an impromptu street fight later on, many gave her that much more credit for keeping it real.

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