UFC 246: Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone's Fans Couldn't Get Enough of His Son's Adorable Cowboy Hat

Conor McGregor drew the most attention during UFC 246 after securing a victory in a mere 40 seconds. His opponent in Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone also became a talking point during the event but not for his fighting. His son was the one drawing attention due to his outfit.

As photos on social media showed, Cerrone's son was wearing dress clothes with a western flair. He had on a white button-down shirt and a formal jacket. Cerrone's child was also donning a cowboy hat that had the Monster Energy logo on the front.

This headwear matched Cerrone, down to the sponsorship logo, and the fans on social media simply couldn't get enough. They loved that the child was dressed to impress and that he wasn't wearing a simple onesie or another childhood outfit.

"Little man looks like he owns an oil rig," one user commented on social media. With the Texas-inspired outfit, they believed that he could have passed for a top businessman in Midland, Dallas, or Houston. Others simply talked about how lovely Cerrone's family is and mentioned how they appreciated him taking a moment to spend with them prior to the fight.

One fan, in particular, took notice of a different aspect. They loved that the Monster logo was on the child's hat, writing: "Got that Monster sponsorship already. Smart kid."

While many adored Cerrone's family and the fact that he brought them to the T-Mobile Arena, this wasn't a universal opinion. There were many that actually expressed anger at his parenting choices. They didn't believe that the child should have been present for this UFC event.

"Lovely photo but l would not bring my kid/s to the fight even if they were teenagers l would not," one individual wrote on Twitter. Another agreed with this assessment and said that children should not be present for these events. They didn't believe that a child should see their parent get hurt in such a manner.

That being said, this was less of a concern for many Cerrone fans considering that the UFC fighter named his son Dacson Danger Cerrone. Danger is literally his middle name, and the fans believe that this erases any concern about him seeing Cowboy lose via a technical knockout on Saturday night.


As one user wrote: "For those of you who don’t know who Cowboy Cerrone is, he literally named his son Danger. Nuff said."

(Photo Credit: Steve Marcus/Getty Images)