Tony Hawk Suffers Serious Injury in Skating Accident

Tony Hawk suffered a serious accident while skateboarding, according to TMZ Sports. The 53-year-old went to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal that he broke his leg on Monday and said it may never fully heal. Hawk shared a photo of the X-ray followed by a video of him walking in the hospital with crutches and a photo of him in his hospital room.

"Yesterday sucked," Hawk wrote in the Instagram post. "I broke my elbow 20 years ago and managed to make a full comeback; this recovery for a broken femur will be much harder because of its severity (and my age). But I'm up for the challenge. There is a strange irony that this happened on the eve of HBO releasing a trailer for Until The Wheels Fall Off, Sam Jones' documentary about my life & career, which has a strong focus on the philosophy of how I/we do this at our age."

Hawk went on to say that he has no intentions to stop skating and he will return soon. "The answer is complicated, but ultimately it's because I have found my sense of purpose and shaped my identity through skating, and it nourishes my mental health like nothing else," he continued. "I've said many times that I won't stop skating until I am physically unable. A broken leg – with plenty of hardware – will probably be the biggest test of that creed. I'll be back… maybe not at full capacity but I resigned to that notion years ago as I approached 'mid-life.'

"Thanks to my unyieldingly supportive, tolerant family – and all of you – for the love and support through the years; I wouldn't be here without you. See you on the other side." Hawk turned pro in 1982 and retired in 2003. He is considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time, winning a total of 16 medals at the Summer X Games from 1995 to 2003. He has his own video game franchise and has appeared in various films and TV shows over the years. Hawk recently spoke to about his guest voice role in Nickelodeon's The Casagrandes

"I consider skateboarding a sport and art form, and a lifestyle that has shaped my identity. My career has given me a unique opportunity to travel extensively and share my passion to new audiences across the globe," Hawk said. "My kids and I love Nickelodeon, so I am excited to now voice my animated self in The Casagrandes, where skateboarding is embraced in the show."