Tony Hawk Reacts to Maya Hawke Being His 'Daughter' (Exclusive)

Maya Hawke recently posted on her Instagram page that she is actually the daughter of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Maya Hawke, who stars in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, is joking though as she is in real life, the daughter of actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. But there have been some interesting conversations on social media about her real parentage. In an exclusive interview with, Tony Hawk reacted to the 24-year-old actress's joke about the two being related. 

"Honestly, not until she wrote that, did anyone think we were related," Hawk exclusively told PopCulture. "Some people took that seriously at first, but I think quickly realized that she is the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, and that's not something that was up for debate. But I am honored. I appreciate it. I think she is a fabulous talent and has a bright future, and I'm a fan of her parents. So hey, thanks for the shout-out."

The interesting thing about this is Ethan Hawke talked about being related to Tony Hawk in 2020. In an Instagram post that shows him on a skateboard, Ethan wrote, "People often ask me if [Tony Hawk] and I are related. I ALWAYS like and say yes." 

Tony Hawk might not be related to Maya and Ethan Hawke but he does have experience in TV and movies. Most recently, the 54-year-old starred in a documentary called Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off, which can be seen on HBO and HBO Max. The film takes a deeper dive into Hawk's life, career and relationship with skateboarding. 

"[Sam Jones] just started doing interviews, and he didn't have the support or the budget to be doing it else in a bigger way. And I think there was something that was more soulful about that. Watching it, it was tricky," Hawk said. "It was a bit uncomfortable, sharing parts of my life that I didn't ever expect to say to anyone publicly, and to see my peers and how they spoke about it, and to see the concerns of members of my family and people I love, about me continuing to do this, was a little bit eye-opening and uncomfortable. But I appreciated it because I do feel like Sam [Jones] told an honest story."