Tom Brady Works out With Buccaneers Teammates Despite Warning From NFLPA

Tom Brady is doing everything he can to get ready for the 2020 NFL season despite being advised to play it safe for the time being. Brady, who signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March, recently held a workout with his teammates at the Berkely Prep School Tuesday morning, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Brady's workout comes after NFLPA medical director Dr. Thom Mayer sent messages to players, which recommended them to stop group workouts due to the COVD-19 pandemic.

"Please be advised that it is our consensus medical opinion that in light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in certain states that no players should be engaged in practicing together in private workouts. Our goal is to have all players and your families as healthy as possible in the coming months," Dr. Mayer said in his statement. Mayer also said they are working on upcoming health procedures for players during training camp and the regular season, and believe that it is in the best interest of all players that we advise against any voluntary joint practices before training camp commences."

Brady confirmed he was working out with his teammates when he posted a photo on his Instagram story with him and Rob Gronkowski that read "No Excuses." Brady's workout comes during an increase of COVID-19 cases across the country. In fact, the Bucs announced on Saturday "there have been individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 at the AdventHealth Training Center." This came after one assistant coach reportedly tested positive for the virus while two others were put in quarantine.

Brady knows the COVID-19 pandemic is serious, but he's looking to get as many reps as he can before the start of the season. He was a member of the New England Patriots for 20 seasons and led the team to nine Super Bowl appearances with six Super Bowl wins. He joins a Bucs team that hasn't been to the Super Bowl since 2003 and hasn't reached the playoffs since the 2007 season.