Tom Brady Won't Share Feelings on Antonio Brown Release

The New England Patriots are a notoriously tight-lipped franchise when it comes to players on their roster or those recently released. Head coach Bill Belichick proved this on multiple occasions when he refused to discuss Antonio Brown, and now Tom Brady has added further evidence. Although the future hall of famer approached the conversation in a far more tactical way than his head coach.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Patriots quarterback "refused" to share his thoughts on the recent release of Antonio Brown. Instead, he simply referred to the drama as a "difficult situation." The veteran receiver was released by New England on Friday after spending less than two weeks on the roster.

"I do have a lot of personal feelings, none of which I really care to share," Brady said on WEEI Sports Radio. "It's a difficult situation. That's kind of how I feel."

When Brown was brought to New England immediately following his release from the Oakland Raiders, Brady was reportedly "one million percent" in favor of the move. The six-time Super Bowl champion even opened his home to Brown until he could find somewhere to stay during the 2019 season. There was considerable drama surrounding the former Pittsburgh Steelers star, but that was less concerning to Brady. His job as the leader of this roster was to build up Brown in any way that he possibly could. It was far more important to figure out what he needed emotionally and then provide it as soon as possible.

"There’s a lot of human elements and I think because as a player and a person I care deeply about my teammates," Brady said. "I want everyone to be the best they can possibly be. From the day I started with this team, even back I’d say in college, it’s such a tight-knit group and you want everyone to become the best they can possibly be and you try to provide leadership. You try to care for people. You try to provide whatever you think you can to help them reach their highest potential, whatever situation it is.

"I’ve had a lot of teammates over the years. You invest not just your head, but your heart. You invest your soul. That is what makes a great team. That is what makes a great brotherhood. I think in the end, that is the endearing trait about sports."

Ultimately, Brown's tenure with the Patriots quickly ended, but he and Brady displayed impressive chemistry during a shutout victory over the Miami Dolphins. The pair connected four times for 56 yards and a touchdown, quickly taking advantage of the secondary to move downfield.


Even after Brown was released, the Patriots quarterback did not bear any ill will toward his former receiver. He commented on one of Brown's Instagram posts with three heart emojis to show that it was all love.

That being said, Brown is no longer on the roster, so he is not Brady's concern. At this point, the Patriots quarterback is switching his attention to the upcoming battle with the undefeated Buffalo Bills and second-year quarterback Josh Allen. Coming out victorious against the AFC East rival will be critical considering that the Bills defense is one of the more impressive groups in the league, which leaves Brady no time to think about Antonio Brown.