Gisele Bundchen Sends Message to Fans and Healthcare Workers Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Gisele Bundchen is thinking of everyone who has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. On Instagram, Bundchen posted a message to her fans and the healthcare workers. She wanted everyone to know that everything will be okay.

"What is happening in the world is the ultimate reminder that was are all connected to each other and what we chose to do is going to affect us all," Bundchen wrote. "For this moment of crisis, we need to understand the importance of physical distancing. We need to protect each other so we' don't get sick and can all stay well together." She went on to tell everyone to follow the protocol when it comes to preventing the outbreak to continue spreading in order to save lives, saying: "Even if you are young and healthy, we all need to follow the recommended protocols and precautions because in doing so we can end up saving someone's life - particularly the elderly and those who are sick and immunocompromised."

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Along with following the guidelines, Bundchen said we need "community thinking" and to "act in solidarity" because that's what's best for society. She also said continuing to live in fear will cause stress which lowers the immune system.

"We must take care of ourselves and also try our best to help those who are most at risk by supporting them and their basic needs," she said. We have to try to remain calm, positive and continue to support each other. I would also like to thank all the healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly to help all of us. We're all in this together."

Bundchen has her focus on the coronavirus pandemic but she also is focusing on the 2020 NFL season. Brady recently announced that he's leaving the Patriots and he's reportedly going to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On Wednesday, Bundchen went to Instagram to say goodbye to Patriots fans.


"What a ride the last decade has been," Bundchen wrote. "Boston has been so good to us and will always be in our hearts. We will forever have wonderful memories. Our kids were born and raised there and we have made special friendships to last a lifetime. I'll miss our friends, the beautiful change of seasons and the rides to the stadium to go cheer for Tom and the Pats."