Tom Brady Teases Returning to NFL, Playing for New Team

Tom Brady has made it clear he is retired from the NFL. However, that doesn't mean he won't be asked about making a return to the league, especially with him retiring and unretiring after the 2021 season. During a recent speaking engagement in South Florida, Brady was asked if he would consider unretiring to play for the Miami Dolphins. Brady didn't say yes but did not shut it completely down either. 

"Oh man. I will say, now that I'm not affiliated with any teams anymore, and I have strong ties with a couple teams, I do have some friends on the Dolphins that I really like," Brady said, per the BKnown agency. "I wouldn't necessarily say that I root for them all the time, but I root for my friends to do well, and several of them play for Miami."   

Brady could be either having fun with the crowd or is really considering a return. But based on the retirement video he released in February, it's not likely Brady will get back on the field for another season. He will be 46 years old when the 2023 NFL season begins and has nothing more to prove as he's won seven Super Bowls with two different teams. 

Additionally, Brady has a full-time job waiting for him as he will be the league NFL analyst for Fox Sports. The thought was Brady was going to join the network right after he made his retirement announcement, but the future Hall of Fame revealed he will make his broadcasting debut next year. 

"Decompression's important," Brady told FS1 host Colin Cowherd a few days after announcing his retirement. "You're on this crazy treadmill/hamster wheel loving it at the same time. It's a daily fight…For me, I want to be great at what I do. "Talking last week to the people at Fox Sports and the leadership there, [they're going to allow me] to start my Fox opportunity in the fall of 2024."  

Brady was linked to the Dolphins after he retired for the first time. He could join the team if he wanted to come back but another franchise that could go after him is the San Francisco 49ers. Brady grew up a 49ers fan and, the team is in an interesting quarterback situation as Brock Purdy may not play next season due to an injury, and Trey Lance is returning from a season-ending injury.