Tom Brady to Be Sidelined for Several Months After Having Knee Surgery

Tom Brady's knee injury might be a little more serious than announced. According to Ben Volin of [...]

Tom Brady's knee injury might be a little more serious than announced. According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Brady's knee surgery was "more than just a little clean-up." On Wednesday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians announced that Brady would miss a least four months after having surgery on his left knee.

"I think he's probably looking [at] somewhere around June, right now, from what I hear," Arians said, as reported by ESPN. "His leadership - he doesn't have to be out there throwing it anymore. He can be there standing and coach the s— out of them. Wherever they meet and work out - I'm hoping we have an offseason for the younger players. Tom doesn't need it, but for the younger players - first-, second and third-year players - we've missed two years of player development with where we're at now. We don't need to miss another one."

What Arians had to say about Brady goes back to what Brady tweeted earlier this week, asking fans what he's going to do for the next five months. Brady will miss the spring workouts, OTAs, and minicamps if those are still on when it comes down to it. He will likely be ready to go when training camp begins at the end of July, but due to him being in the league for over 20 years, the Buccaneers may not do as much work as he had in the past.

This news comes as the Buccaneers are looking to give Tom Brady a contract extension. "That's a possibility," Buccaneers' general manager Jason Licht said when asked about his contract extension on The Rich Eisen Show. "He certainly didn't look like he slowed down any this year. So, that's a possibility. We'll have to see how that goes. "I talk to Tom often. Probably keep that under wraps right now. It appears that he really had a good time this year, winning the Super Bowl. Likes our organization, likes our coaches, likes our head coach and ownership. And we certainly love him."

Brady is coming off his seventh Super Bowl win, leading the Buccaneers to a 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. He was named Super Bowl MVP after throwing three touchdowns passes. It's the fifth time in Brady's career he has won the Super Bowl MVP award.