Tom Brady to Have Minor Surgery on Injured Knee

Tom Brady is getting his knee checked out as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter the offseason. Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians told reporters on Thursday that Brady is having a "minor surgical procedure" done on his knee. Rick Stroud of Tampa Bay Times said that Arians described the procedure as "a cleanup."

Stroud went on to mention that Brady's injured knee is football-related. Some fans speculated that Brady could have injured himself while he was partying with his teammates during the Super Bowl boat parade on Wednesday. However, it looks as if the injury occurred sometime during the season.

It's not surprising to see Brady has an injury as he's playing at a high level at 43. However, Brady is not the type of player who misses practices or games. The last time Brady missed a game due to injury was in 2008. In the season opener, Brady tore his ACL and was out of the remainder of the year. That was also the last time Brady missed the playoffs. During Super Bowl week, Brady talked about what he's going to do during the offseason in order to be ready for another Super Bowl run.

"I'm going to work on my speed this offseason," Brady said. "I'm going to try to get my speed up a little bit. I see all of these guys running around, I've got to make a few of those plays. I've already started thinking about how I'm going to train. I'd say that's the one thing I want to always keep working on, continue to throw the ball well. Be in good position to throw the ball accurately, continue to be a student of the game. I think that's how you can continue to make improvements. You can't ever think that you're satisfied. You've got to continue to build and grow and learn and evolve. Some things are going to challenge you, but you've got to fight through those things. From my standpoint, there's always room for improvement."


Brady has now won seven Super Bowls in his career with the first six coming when he was with the New England Patriots. When the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV this past Sunday, Brady was named Super Bowl MVP for the fifth time in his career.