Tom Brady Reveals If He Regrets Coming out of Retirement Amidst Gisele Bünchen Divorce

Tom Brady has led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to two consecutive wins, and the team is in a position to win the NFC South despite being 5-5 on the year. But things have not been easy for the 45-year-old quarterback who came out of a 40-day retirement in March. When speaking to reporters before the game against the Seattle Seahawks in Germany, Brady was asked if he had any regrets about returning to the NFL after announcing his retirement in February. 

"Zero, no. Definitely not," Brady said, per ESPN. "I returned because I felt like I wanted to compete and I spoke to the team about it and they were excited to have me back. I don't really regret those types of things — I think when I commit to it, I mean it and I do my best and try to give everything I can to this particular opportunity."  

At one point in the season, Brady and the Buccaneers were 3-5 on the year and it was during a time when Brady was dealing with his divorce from his wife Gisele Bündchen. Since the divorce was finalized, the Buccaneers have won the last two games, and Brady knows this team knows it can play better than it has all year. 

"I think the frustrating part is we just haven't played to the way we're capable of playing — that's for a number of different reasons," Brady said. "This is a very important game for us -- we have a bye week after this. It gives you a chance to kind of evaluate where you're at and I'd much rather evaluate being 5-5 than being 4-6. We've got to just win this game and it'll take care of that."  


Ever since Brady became a starting quarterback in the NFL, he has never had a losing season and missed the playoffs just twice in his 23-year career. With the NFC South not being as strong as other divisions in the NFL, Brady shouldn't have a problem making the playoffs again and leading the Buccaneers to a winning record. And if that happens, all bets are off because Brady has played in 10 Super Bowls and won seven of them.