Tom Brady Reveals Rare Photo With His Dad, Tom Brady Sr.

Tom Brady has shown various members of his family on his Instagram account in recent months. He has posted photos of his wife, Gisele, and his children during various holidays and celebrations. Wednesday, however, he shared a rare photo of his father in celebration of his 76th birthday.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback posted a photo that showed him embracing Tom Brady Sr. The two were standing in the grass with a woods serving as a backdrop. "Happy 76th birthday Pops!! I love you so much! Can't wait to see you soon!" Brady wrote in the caption of the photo. His fans didn't have to mention "social distancing" due to realizing that his photo was taken sometime in the past. Brady only had five Super Bowl rings on his sweatshirt.

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"I love my dad. He's an incredible man, and he's been my role model my whole life. But he does like to talk," Brady said about his father in 2019. He made the comment during an appearance on The Greg Hill Show after being asked about "banning his father" from talking to the media.

Tom Sr. has never been shy about sharing his opinion on his son, the New England Patriots or NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Many of these comments sparked questions to the six-time Super Bowl champion during various press conferences. This included comments in December 2019 in which he speculated that Brady would not be a member of the Patriots beyond the 2019 season. This led to the QB placing a "media ban" on Tom Sr., which he didn't believe was successful.

"Well, apparently he doesn't listen, because he's still talking to the media," Brady said. "My dad, he's just an amazing man. He's very forthcoming with information, so I keep telling him, 'Dad, of course they are going to keep calling because you keep talking.' When he speaks, [everyone] thinks I am speaking, but I am not speaking. I said, 'It's hard for me to tell you anything …' What I have learned is I just can't tell my dad anything. He has his own opinions, and dads do what dads do."


Comments aside, Brady loves his father and wishes he could be with him in celebration of his 76th birthday. This isn't currently possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Buccaneers QB believes that he will be able to go visit Tom Sr. in the future. When he does, the fans hope that the two men will take a photo together that features all six Super Bowl rings.