Tom Brady Posts Rare Loving Throwback Photo With 'Blue Bloods' Star

Tom Brady wished his ex a happy birthday. Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan celebrated her 50th birthday and the longtime NFL quarterback took to Instagram for a birthday tribute that also included their son John "Jack" Edward. "Happy Birthday @bridgetmoynahan we hope you have a GREAT day," he posted on his Instagram stories alongside a photo of the actress and their son according to PEOPLE.

The mother-son duo were sitting in stadium seats when an onlooker snapped a photo of them. The 50-year-old looked as if she was showing her 13-year-old son something as she was pointing down towards the field. It's safe to say that Brady and his ex have found a way to co-parent following their split and after his marriage to former Victoria's Secret model Gisele Bündchen. The Bucs player also shares daughter Vivian Lake, 8, and son Benjamin Rein, 11, with his wife.

Bündchen has played a key role in Brady's healthy lifestyle — something he credits to the longevity of his career, especially in the last few seasons. Fans couldn't help but to wonder how he's managed to stay in the league this long, and when his diet was revealed after he won yet another Super Bowl, it explained how he's managed to keep in such great shape. Brady follows an organic, gluten-free diet, and does not consume white sugar, white flour or coffee. He also avoids certain nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum and mushrooms due to their inflammatory nature.

In order to remain hydrated, he consumes around a gallon of electrolyte water a day. He tends to start his day with a glass of water before eating eggs and avocado for breakfast. After his workout, he consumes more water with a protein shake and follows that up with a salad, nuts and fish for lunch. For dinner, he caps off the day with chicken and vegetables, keeping things clean and simple.

Many onlookers were questioning on whether Brady could win another Super Bowl after leaving the Patriots, which is the only team he's ever played for since getting drafted in 2000. Many thought he wouldn't be able to do it without his longtime head coach Bill Belichick, however, he proved the haters wrong. Taking one of the lowest ranking teams in the league and bringing them all the way to the top when he went head-to-head with the Kansas City Chiefs and their young quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Brady logged his sixth Super Bowl win, making him the only player in NFL history to have that many.