Tom Brady Not Worried About Elbow Injury, Will Be 'Ready to Go' Sunday

Tom Brady made his way on the injury report last week due to an elbow injury, but he was able to play on Sunday and lead the New England Patriots to a 13-9 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. It was reported that Brady would play, but to see him on the injury report was still a little surprising. So how is the six-time Super Bowl champion feeling this week as he gets ready to face the Houston Texans? Brady spoke to Jim Gray of Westwood One Radio on Monday and said the injured elbow is nothing to worry about.

"I like to believe that over the years I've gotten a little bit smarter about how to take care of myself," Brady told Gray per Pro Football Talk. "I know when I need a little time whether it's a day or a practice. Rather than be stubborn and push through things like I probably used to, I think sometimes it's smart to try to get ahead of injuries.

"I spent a lot of time with Alex [Guerrero] getting extra treatment and did so after the game last night [and] did so today. I'll be feeling good this week and be ready to go. I'll be excited to take on our toughest challenge of the year in going to Houston and trying to win a game on Sunday Night Football."

Brady takes good care of himself as he hasn't missed a start since 2008 when he tore his ACL. He was on the injury report last month for a shoulder injury, but he has been able to play through the pain and still put up solid numbers. So far this year, Brady has thrown for 2,942 yards, 15 touchdowns and five interceptions with a passer rating of 88.5.

Those aren't typical numbers from Brady, but he's done enough to help the Patriots earn a 10-1 record which is tied for the best in the NFL. On Sunday, the Patriots will face the Houston Texans and a win would nearly clinch them for home advantage throughout the playoffs.


The Patriots' only loss came against the Baltimore Ravens who are 9-2 on the year. So Brady knows New England has to play at a high level from this point forward because the Ravens are at their heels for the No. 1 seed in the conference.