Tom Brady Might Be Negatively Affected by COVID-19 Restrictions, Brett Favre Says

Tom Brady is looking to win his seventh Super Bowl title this year, but things will be different as he left the New England Patriots in March to sign a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But there's one big thing that could hold him back from reaching his goal. Pro Football Hall of Fame Brett Favre spoke to USA Today about Brady and said the COVID-19 pandemic could cause Brady to take a step back with the Bucs.

"For a guy like Tom Brady, you've got to be scratching your head," Favre said. "Of all the times to change teams, he's gotta be saying, 'How am I going to get the chemistry I'm wanting to have with the guys, with my new (teammates)' with everything that's limiting getting ready for a season." Brady has been working with his players all summer to build chemistry with his new teammates. However, the pandemic could lead to players testing positive for the virus during the season, which could several different things for multiple teams.

"Like so many other things, the (2020) season is going to have an asterisk, and there are so many unknowns," Favre said. "If a player tests positive, is he going to be quarantined, or will they quarantine the whole team?"

Favre knows what Brady's going through. After spending 16 years with the Green Bay Packers, the Southern Miss alum joined the New York Jets and then the Minnesota Vikings before retiring after the 2010 season. And while Favre will be remembered for his time in Green Bay, he had success with the Jets and Vikings, winning nine games with the Jets in 2008 and leading the Vikings to the NFC title game in 2009.


Brady is determined to make some magic with the Bucs. However, he admits it's challenging playing for another team after spending 20 years in one place. "It's been different having the opportunity over this time to move and to, for example, study my playbook — I mean I really haven't had to do that in 19 years, so you forget, 'Man, that's really tough,' like all of the different terminologies," Brady said to reporters last week, via ESPN. He also said he has to put a lot of time and energy into making sure I'm feeling good in order to perform at my best, but mentally I think that's been the thing that's obviously had its challenges."