Tom Brady Announces He's Not Returning to New England Patriots

Tom Brady will be joining a new team this fall. On Tuesday, the six-time Super Bowl champion announced on social media that he's leaving the New England Patriots and will sign with another NFL team for the 2020 season. Brady did not say where he will sign but he thanked the Patriots and fans for their support during the last 20 years.

"Our team has always set a great standard in pro sports and I know it will continue to do just that," he said. "Although my football journey will take place elsewhere, I appreciate everything that we have achieved and am grateful for our incredible TEAM accomplishments. I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to know each and every one of you, and to have the memories we've created together."

Brady also talked about how the community treated him like he was one of their own, even though he was born and raised in California.

"My children were born and raised here and you always embraced this California kid as your own," he added. I love your commitment and loyalty to your trams and winning for out city means more than you will ever know. I can't thank you enough for the support of our team."

Brady will officially be a free agent on Wednesday which is when free agency begins. As for which team Brady will sign with, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported he has not made a decision yet and is still exploring his options.

Back in October, Brady talked about his future as he knew his contract would expire at the end of the 2019 season. He revealed he wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

"That is the great part for me -- I don't know," Brady said on WEEI's The Greg Hill Show back in October. "I think that has been a unique situation that I have been in because I think when you commit to a team for a certain amount of years, you kinda feel like (there is) the responsibility to always fulfill the contract. For me, it's been good because I am just taking it day by day and I am enjoying what I have. I don't know what the future holds and the great part is for me, football at this point is all borrowed time.

Earlier this year, Brady revealed that he was open to signing with another team once free agency kicked off.


"I'm open-minded about the process," Brady said in his weekly interview with Westwood One radio. "At the same time, I love playing football and I want to continue to play and do a great job. I'm looking forward to what's ahead. Whatever the future may bring, I'll embrace it with open arms."

Brady led the Patriots to nine Super Bowl appearances with six Super Bowl wins in his 20 seasons with the team. He also won three NFL MVP awards and he was named Super Bowl MVP four times.