Tom Brady and Antonio Brown Post Photo Together on Social Media

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown are new teammates as Brown signed a one-year contract with the New England Patriots on Monday. And the two look like they are ready to win a lot of games. Right after Brown signed the contract, he met with Brady and the two took a photo together. The photo was shared on social media and Brown looks happy Brady is his new quarterback.

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“Did we just become best friends? YUP” (Via @devlin_ahlefeld)

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"Antonio, meeting him today, I really enjoyed being around him," Brady said on his weekly Westwood One interview, as reported by ESPN. "He's a very smart football player, knows how to play the game. He's been extremely productive."

Brady added that being committed to work is the thing that will help Brown and the Pats win a lot of games this year.

"The only thing that I know what we can do is to go out there and work at it, to meet and to communicate, and get on the practice field and go through things," he said. "I'm not buying into any hype or potential. I'm into work. He's into work and our entire offense is into doing what's in the best interest for the team. I'm really excited to get to practice on Wednesday."

Brady isn't the only member of the Patriots who is happy to have Brown on the roster. While he won't admit to it right now, but head coach Bill Belichick has always been a big fan of the former Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders wide receiver. NESN took a look at past quotes from Belichick about Brown and he couldn't stop talking about him.

"The skills with the ball in his hand as a runner are exceptional," Belichick said back in 2016. "You see that on the punt returns. You see it on a lot of those under routes, catch-and-run plays, so you don't want to back off of him and let him catch it and break a tackle or if you get up on him he runs behind you. That's a problem and he's a good intermediate route runner, too; in-cuts, comebacks, curls, things like that.

"He has great quickness coming out of cuts so he's very, very hard to cover. And he's seen a lot of double-coverage, too. I don't think that really bothers him either. He knows how to beat that. When you double him I mean at some point he attacks one guy so it really becomes single coverage. He takes the other guy out of it and then he beats that guy. So he's tough. He's really tough."


Brown and Brady will look to make a Super Bowl run starting this Sunday when the Patriots face the Miami Dolphins.