Timberwolves' Malik Beasley Released From Jail Following Saturday Arrest

Minnesota Timberwolves player Malik Beasley has been released from jail following an arrest on Saturday. Authorities were holding him on allegations of marijuana possession and receiving and concealing stolen weapons. According to The Athletic, Beasley's attorney, Steve Haney, said that there are no official charges at the time following the NBA player's arrest.

"We are aware of the situation involving Malik Beasley and are in the process of gathering information at this time," the Timberwolves said in a statement Sunday morning. The NBA team is currently holding a three-week voluntary camp at their practice facility in Minneapolis. The league granted the camps to the eight teams that did not qualify for the Orlando bubble. Beasley participated in individual workouts during the first week of the camp. However, he was not with the team during last week's five-on-five group workouts.

The Plymouth Police provided a statement detailing the incidents before Beasley's arrest. The authorities said that a car stopped in front of the residence Beasley is renting in the suburbs on Saturday afternoon. An unidentified person allegedly confronted the driver and tapped on their window with a gun before telling them to get off the property. The person making the report said that the gun remained pointed at the car as it drove away.

The police said they set up a presence near the house and "detected a strong odor of marijuana." A car reportedly attempted to leave the residence, but the authorities stopped it and detained the three people inside. Although they later released them. The statement also said that a man identified himself as the homeowner and yelled at the police.


The police ultimately obtained a warrant and searched the home. They found marijuana and "numerous" guns, one of which was allegedly stolen. The police took Beasley into custody but did not identify the individual that allegedly pointed a gun at the car that stopped in front of the house. "At the time of the incident, multiple individuals were present at the residence," Haney told The Athletic on Sunday. "The allegations against Malik will be defended vigorously."

According to The Athletic, Beasley will become a restricted free agent at the end of the NBA season. He spent three and a half seasons with the Denver Nuggets but landed with the Minnesota Timberwolves in a February trade. He appeared in 14 games before the COVID-19-forced postponement. During this time, Beasley averaged 20.7 points, 5.1 rebounds and shot 42.6% from the 3-point line.