Tiger Woods Reveals He Had Two Crash-Related Surgeries This Year

Tiger Woods continues to deal with the injuries suffered in the car accident he was in nearly two years ago. On Tuesday, the 46-year-old golf champion spoke to reporters about not being able to play in the Hero World Challenge due to plantar fasciitis in his right foot. He also revealed that he had two crash-related surgeries this year. 

"It was a tough decision just because I want to play," Woods said, per ESPN. "I like playing, I like competing, but unfortunately, I can hit the golf ball and hit whatever shot you want, I just can't walk. And so I've had a few setbacks during the year that I still was able to somehow play through, but this one I just can't. Only time can heal this one, and stay off my feet and get a lot of treatment done."

Woods is still planning to play in The Match and PNC Championship next month. However, he will need a month or two to recover from plantar fasciitis. Since Woods can't walk, he will use a cart to participate in the two events. The Match is scheduled for Dec. 10, and the PNC Championship is scheduled for Dec. 17-18. 

"When you've got plantar fasciitis, the only thing you can do is rest and try and stretch that out as best as possible, but it's rest," Woods said. "How do you rest when you're hosting a tournament? You know, it's hard, so this will be a tough week. The [PNC Championship] will be a very easy week. Charlie will just hit all the shots and I'll just get the putts out of the hole, so pretty easy there. But other than that, in The Match we're playing in, we're flying in carts."  


Woods said he plans to play in four major championships and one or two more tournaments going forward. "Physically, that's all I can do," he stated. "I told you guys that [at] the beginning of this year, too. I don't have much left in this leg, so gear up for the biggest ones and hopefully, you know, lightning catches in a bottle and I'm up there in contention with a chance to win. Hopefully, I remember how to do that. But again, giving myself a chance to get out there again."