Police Reveal What Tiger Woods Told Them Following Car Crash

As the investigation continues into the near-fatal single-car crash Tiger Woods was involved in [...]

As the investigation continues into the near-fatal single-car crash Tiger Woods was involved in last month, the pro golfer has reportedly told sheriff's deputies he has no recollection of driving or even how the accident occurred. According to details from the Los Angeles County affidavit following their obtaining a search warrant for the Hyundai Genesis SUV's black box, Woods cannot recall anything from the accident on Feb. 23.

In documents obtained by CNN, reports state Wood "regained consciousness before sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene of the crash." They further disclose details of his setting upon authorities arriving, stating he was "trapped in a loaner car" and remained sitting in the driver's seat of his Genesis while bloodied with abrasions on his face and chin. "The deputies asked him how the collision occurred. [The] driver said he did not know and did not even remember driving," the affidavit read per the news outlet. "Driver was treated for his injuries at the hospital and was asked there again how the collision occurred. He repeated that he did not know and did not remember driving."

Woods crashed his SUV just south of Los Angeles last month, in an area of the town that law enforcement states many car accidents occur due to the road's structure. Before obtaining the black box of data, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said the crash was "purely accidental," but the belief is now under review as of Tuesday. "The sheriff spoke about the information known at that time and said it appeared to be a traffic accident," the department said. "However, the traffic collision investigation is (on)going, and traffic investigators have not made any conclusions as to the cause of the collision."

According to CBS News, the black box should disclose more details surrounding the car crash. However, Woods could remember the full story as he recuperates at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he is currently undergoing treatment for multiple fractures in his right leg and ankle. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will release more information in the days ahead, with a more steady conclusion of what actually went down in those moments. CBS News further reports they could also "charge" Woods with a crime depending on what the data will expose, although it might not be a serious one.