Tiger Woods Accident: Sheriff Gets Search Warrant for SUV's Black Box, Possible Crime Suspected

New details have emerged on Tiger Woods' recent car accident, as it's now reported that the L.A. [...]

New details have emerged on Tiger Woods' recent car accident, as it's now reported that the L.A. County Sheriff was able to get a search warrant for the black box in the golfer's SUV. It appears that, according to TMZ, that the warrant was approved due to a possible crime being suspected. The outlet specifically cited "misdemeanor reckless driving" as what sources stated Woods could potentially face.

The sources were careful to clarify that the words "reckless driving" do not appear in the warrant, but TMZ notes that a judge is not legally allowed to sign off on a search warrant unless some kind of probable cause is suspected. TMZ reports that its source explained that one of two circumstances likely took place. The first possible scenario is that someone from the Sheriff's Department went into the judge's chambers and spoke privately about the case using the term "reckless driving."

The other possible situation is that the judge reviewed the search warrant and simply implied reckless driving from it. While the source had a couple of possible scenarios for the motivation, they firmly stated that impaired driving is not being considered a possible cause for the crash. The source stated that officials found no evidence that Woods was impaired while behind his SUV wheel.

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Woods was involved in a terrifying one-car accident, which landed him in the hospital. CBS Sports reports that the LA Sheriff's office initially labeled the crash "purely accidental," though that has seemed to change. "The sheriff spoke about the information known at that time and said it appeared to be a traffic accident," the LASO said in a statement. "However, the traffic collision investigation is (on)going and traffic investigators have not made any conclusions as to the cause of the collision."

Woods is said not to remember or recall the accident at all. According to an affidavit, Woods "said he did not know and did not even remember driving" and "was treated for his injuries at the hospital and was asked there again how the collision occurred." The legal paperwork added, "He repeated that he did not know and did not remember driving." At this time, Woods' doctors believe he has a long and extensive recovery ahead of him due to his injuries in the crash.