Tiger Woods' Girlfriend Erica Herman Dismissed From Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Erica Herman, the girlfriend of Tiger Woods, has been dismissed from a wrongful death lawsuit which was filed by the parents of a deceased bartender in Florida according to Golfweek. At the time, Herman was a general manager at a restaurant called The Woods which is where the bartender worked. Woods was dismissed as a defendant in the case back in June.

“It has been clear from the beginning that neither should have been included in the suit despite the claims that they somehow contributed to the accident,” Woods’ attorney, Barry A. Postman from the firm of Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A., said in a statement Tuesday. “While the untimely passing of a young man is tragic, the decision to over consume alcohol, take a significant amount of illegal drugs and then get behind the wheel of a car and drive at an excess high speed rests with Mr. Immesberger alone.”

Mary Katherine Belowsky and Scott Duchene were the two who filed the lawsuit back in June and they are the parents of Nicholas Immesberger who worked at The Woods as a bartender. He was involved in a car accident back in December and it was revealed his blood alcohol level was 0.256 which is more than three times the legal limit in the state of Florida. The lawsuit stated that Mr. Immesberger was over-served for about three hours after his shift at the Woods was over.

Woods and Herman have been together for about two years as they were first seen together at the 2017 Presidents Cup. One of the most recent time the couple has been seen together is at The Masters in Augusta, Georgia. and Woods won that tournament.

Since the win at The Masters, it has been tough sledding for Woods. Last month, he announced that he had a procedure done on his left knee.

"I expect Tiger to make a full recovery," Dr. Vern Cooley said who performed the surgery on Woods. "We did what was needed, and also examined the entire knee. There were no additional problems.''


Wood also released a statement saying that he will return to practice soon.

"I'd like to thank Dr. Cooley and his team,'' Woods said. "I'm walking now and hope to resume practice in the next few weeks. I look forward to traveling and playing in Japan in October.''