Tiger Woods' Condition Immediately After Car Crash Revealed

Tiger Woods terrifying car crash left fans worrying for his life. As the days have passed, more-and-more details have surfaced, including the condition he was in immediately after the accident. It's being reported that Woods was unconscious when medical professionals arrived on the scene according to AP News.

The outlet reported that a witness who lives near the site of the crash heard the accident happen and approached the professional golfer's vehicle shortly after but before medics arrived. The man told deputies that Woods was unresponsive at the time and did not answer his questions. While that may have been the case initially, by the time the first deputy, Carolos Gonzalez arrived, Woods was conscious and able to answer basic questions.

It was reported that at the time of the wreckage and after, Woods claims he did not know how the crash happened and doesn't remember driving. However, a search warrant was recently requested in the Los Angeles County Superior Court that will give access to the black box. "I believe the data will explain how/why the collision occurred," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Johann Schloegl said in a statement.

It was revealed on Thursday that Woods more than likely will not see his kids until he's fully healed. He's currently at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and while COVID-19 restrictions have made it hard for family and friends to visit, an insider says he prefers it that way when it comes to his kids. "Tiger has been in contact with his kids, but while he recovers, he's fine with them being with Elin [Nordegren] in Florida," the source told HollywoodLife. "He feels that it would be too dramatic for them to see their dad hurt. He's reassured them that he's getting better each day and everything's going to be all right. Everyone's taking things day by day." Woods shares two kids with his ex-wife: daughter Sam, 13, and son Charlie, 11.

Woods' wreck was on the morning of Feb. 23. The warrant for the black box was approved due to a possible crime being suspected, specifically citing "misdemeanor reckless driving" on what Woods could face. However, a source told TMZ that impaired driving was not considered as a possible cause to the crash. However, there are one of two reasons why a warrant was issued for the black box in the first place, being that someone from the Sheriff's Department went into the judge's chambers and spoke privately about the case using the term "reckless driving," or the judge reviewed the search warrant and simply implied reckless driving from it.