'The Last Dance': Tristan Thompson Lobbies for Kobe Bryant Series in the Vein of Michael Jordan Documentary

The Last Dance is the talk of the sports world as the first two episodes of the ESPN docuseries [...]

The Last Dance is the talk of the sports world as the first two episodes of the ESPN docuseries premiered on Sunday night. Fans loved what they have seen from The Last Dance so far, but Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson has one request. On Twitter, Tompson asked ESPN to produce a documentary on Kobe Bryant. The former Los Angles Lakers star died in the helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna and seven other people on Jan. 26.

An ESPN Bryant documentary would be big, and it's likely something that will be released down the road. In the meantime, fans can watch Muse, which is the Bryant documentary that was released in 2015. Muse was directed by Gotham Chopra, and he talked about his favorite memories of working with Bryant. One of the memories he talked about was Bryant's knowledge of movies, as he watched every film by Darren Aronofsky who made Black Swan.

"I stared at him speechless. I was doing the math in my head. It was quite possible that he had done nothing else since I last saw him but watch Aronofsky movies. Like not even had a meal or gone to the bathroom, let alone slept," Chopra wrote. "I asked him why he felt the need to watch all those films. He shrugged. 'How could I have an opinion on Black Swan and why Aronofsky did what he did if I didn't understand his mind?' For him, it wasn't about understanding the film, it was about understanding the artist's mind. That was Kobe."

Chopra also talked about the time when they showed a rough cut of the film before it aired on Showtime. Steve Nash said, "Mother...f—....a—hole after seeing it, which led to Bryant and Chopra laughing. Chopra said: 'I love that! It's true! It's true!' he agreed, almost wistfully. After a beat, I asked him to describe himself in three words. He thought about it, shrugged and said: 'I'm just me.' I agreed with that. Entirely. He was simply one of a kind."

For now, fans will enjoy the documentary on Jordan and Bulls. A total of 10 episodes will be aired on ESPN, but for fans who missed the first two episodes that aired on Sunday, a replay of them can be seen on ESPN watch which can be found here. The Last Dance is also streaming on Netflix for people outside the U.S.