'The Last Dance': Carmen Electra Hid From Michael Jordan When He Got Dennis Rodman From Las Vegas Hotel

The third and fourth episodes of The Last Dance premiered on Sunday night and the focus was on Dennis Rodman. The former NBA star was a key player during Chicago Bulls' success in the late 1990s, but he was also known for his off-the-court antics. One of the most notable Rodman stories shared on The Last Dance was when he asked head coach Phil Jackson for a vacation during the season. He was granted 48 hours of time off and traveled to Las Vegas with his then-girlfriend Carmen Electra. Rodman spent more than 48 hours in Vegas, which led to Michael Jordan getting Rodman in an inopportune time.

"There's a knock on the door. It's Michael Jordan," she said. "And I hid. I didn't want him to see me like that. So I'm just like hiding behind the couch with covers on me." Rodman returned to the team and helped the Bulls win their sixth title in eight years. Before Electra revealed that she had to hide from arguably the best player in NBA history, she shared details about her and Rodman's experience in Vegas. She also revealed what it was like being his girlfriend.

"I do remember being in Vegas with [Dennis]. It was on," Electra said. "The party was starting right away. One thing about Dennis, he had to escape. He liked to go out. He liked to go to clubs. We'd go to his favorite restaurant. Then we'd go to a nightclub. Then we'd go to after hours. It didn't stop. It was definitely an occupational hazard to be Dennis's girlfriend. He was wild. But to be honest, I didn't realize what the team's schedule was. I didn't know he took a detour."

Rodman and Electra got married in November 1998 but the couple got divorced in March 1999. "It's important to think out marriage in general because it's a huge commitment," Electra would tell PEOPLE in 2009, per FTW. "Besides that, I hate to say it, but it's a lot of paperwork and a lot of emotions. It can be difficult."


Rodman was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers during the time of his divorce. He would go on to play for the Dallas Mavericks in 2000 before spending time in the American Basketball Association and playing oversees before retiring in 2008.