'The Last Dance': NFL Network's Andrew Hawkins Channels Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan for Wild Episode Recaps

Former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins is among those tuning each Sunday for ESPN's documentary series, The Last Dance. However, he isn't merely tweeting about the episodes and Michael Jordan. He is recreating key moments while channeling some of the biggest stars.

Hawkins has posted multiple videos on his Twitter account recently in which he showed off his impressions of both Dennis Rodman and Jordan. One video featured him sitting alone and dressed as The Worm. He talked about inventing "load management" and then proclaimed different ways in which he wanted to experience pain. Another video had him dressed as Jordan and talking about Isiah Thomas. With each impression, Hawkins accessorized with oversized earrings or lip rings.

"I was the best teammate to ever live," Hawkins' version of Rodman said in one parody video. "Everybody loved me, except when I skipped practice. Mike loved me. Or when I wouldn't show up for the games. Scottie [Pippen] loved me. Or when I would leave in the middle of the season. Phil [Jackson] loved me. I invented load management because it wasn't nothing to get missing. I needed my 'me' time."

Hawkins has been spending his time at home in quarantine, which he says has provided him with the opportunity to tap into his "creative side." He writes all of the skits himself and then shoots them in his garage. He also does the editing. According to an interview with Front Office Sports, he put together the Rodman sketch in a matter of hours.

"At a time when I think people need to laugh, I was just like, 'Hey, I'm going to commit to spending the time to do funny stuff.' And you know, so far, the reception has been awesome," He said about his skits. Hawkins, who also works for NFL Network, previously won a Shorty Award for "The Different Types of NFL Players Arriving To the Stadium" sketch in which he dressed up like Russell Wilson, Eli Manning and Daniel Jones among others.

The Last Dance will be ending on May 17 with the final two episodes, and Hawkins has plans for more sketch ideas. He did not share them during his interview with FOS, but said that he wants to keep people "on their toes." If the previous videos are any indication, his upcoming sketches will draw plenty of attention.

Once the documentary series has ended, Hawkins will continue creating content in his garage. He told FOS that he ultimately wants to switch to acting and have a sketch comedy TV show. He hopes that the videos posted on Twitter will aid in the pursuit of this goal.


A six-year NFL veteran, Hawkins played for both the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. He retired in 2017 and joined ESPN before ultimately moving to the NFL Network. In addition to appearing on Good Morning Football and other shows on the network, Hawkins works as the director of business development and branding for Uninterrupted, a production company responsible for documentaries, interview series and podcasts.